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We offer a variety of loan programs to fit your needs, including conventional and government-backed loans. Government-backed loan programs may require little to no down payment, less than perfect credit scores and higher debt-to-income (DTI) ratios.
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Conventional Normal Regular Mortgage Home Loan Eureka Humboldt County CA

Conventional Mortgage

• Minimum 620 FICO Score

• 5% Down (3% For 1st Time Buyers)

• Upfront Mortgage Insurance Can Be Financed

• Mortgage Insurance Is Required Unless Down Payment Is 20%+*

• Gift Funds Allowed

• Non-Occupying Co-Borrowers Allowed

• Second Home & Investment Properties Allowed

Family Viewing House

Down Payment Assistance Programs

A Brighter Future

Image by Tierra Mallorca

FHA - Federal Housing Administration

• Minimum 580 FICO Score

• 3.5% Down*

• Down Payment Assistance Allowed

• Upfront Mortgage Insurance Can Be Financed

• Mortgage Insurance Premium Is Required For The Life Of The Loan Unless Down Payment Is 10%+*

• Gift Funds Allowed - Family OR Friend

• Non-Occupying Co-Borrowers Allowed

• Must Be Owner-Occupied

• 1-4 Unit Properties

• Single & Double Wide Manufactured Homes Allowed


USDA - United States Department of Agriculture

(Available only for homes within an eligible rural area)

• Minimum 620 FICO Score

• 0% Down

• Down Payment Assistance Eligible

• Upfront Guarantee Fee May Be Financed

• Annual Fee Is Required For The Life Of The Loan

• Gift Funds Allowed

• Must Be Owner-Occupied

• Income Limits

• Not available for manufactured homes, homes with 25+ acres, homes with income-producing features (rental homes, MIL units, business access, etc.) or homes with an in-ground swimming pool

• Not available for "fixer-uppers" or rehab homes

Veterans Administration VA Loan Mortgage Eureka CA Humboldt County

VA - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

(Available only to veterans, active duty military personnel and/or their spouses)

• Minimum 580 FICO Score

• 0% Down

• Down Payment Assistance Eligible

• Funding Fee May Be Financed

• No Annual Mortgage Insurance Required

• Gift Funds Allowed

• Must Be Owner-Occupied

Refinance Mortgage Lower Rate Cash Out Eureka CA Humboldt County

Refinance & Cash-Out Mortgage

(Refinances may be conventional or government-backed)

• No Down Payment

• Refinancing Options For Payment Reduction Or Cash-Out

• Multiple Refinancing Terms

(10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Years)*

• Upfront Mortgage Insurance Can Be Financed

• Mortgage Insurance Is Required Unless Loan-To-Value (LTV) Is Less Than 80%

• Can Be Primary Home, Second Home Or Investment Property

Senior Finance Group Reverse Mortgage Eureka CA

Reverse Mortgage

(Available only to seniors ages 62 and older)

• Purchase Or Refinance

• HUD Counseling Required

• The Bank Does NOT Own Your Home

• Multiple Disbursement Methods

• Must Be Owner-Occupied

• Property Taxes & Insurance Must Be Paid


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